A-solar is the manufacturer in the field of innovative, practical solar solutions for everyday use. We market affordable, user-friendly consumer products that can be charged by solar energy. A-solar products are contemporary, high-quality products.

Thanks to the solar cells in the chargers and cases, mobile equipment can be charged without electricity, anytime and anywhere. A mobile phone for example, navigation system, MP3/MP4 player, E-book reader and/or PDA. These mobile appliances can be connected to the A-solar charger or bag very simply. Using A-solar products means you no longer have to take (lots of) different adapters, transformers and plugs everywhere. Ideal when travelling!

A-solar products are sustainable and innovative. The Chargers and Power Bags are user-friendly and offer you independence, as they enable you to charge your mobile appliances by solar energy, without the need for mains electricity. Mobile chargers and bags are a safety asset: never find yourself stuck without electricity when you need it most!

A-solar products are available from various (online) shops in countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Greece, Luxemburg, Germany and the United Kingdom. Our products are also available at various airports around the world.

All A-solar products make ideal promotional gifts and are consequently also sold through promotional companies. The Chargers and Power Bags could all carry your company name, logo or slogan, which makes them ideal promotional gifts and/or merchandise products. We have the expertise to develop products to meet your requirements.

Developing new solar products is A-solar’s core business. We are continually seeking to develop new, quality solar solutions and materials. Indeed we devote a great of attention to the research and development of our products. We take customer feedback into account when developing new ideas and products. We would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions.

Nowadays, ever more mobile devices are appearing on the market, all of which use a lot of electricity. Our user-friendly products give you extra power whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you’re going mountaineering, long-distance cycling, away on a business trip, or just for everyday use, with A-solar products you’ll always have extra energy on hand!