3XR invented, and now sells and manufactures AmRHEX Technology that removes ammonia from wastewater containing 500 ppm N to 5000 ppm N. Concurrently this naturally produced ammonia is recovered in a liquid containing 6 % N to 8% N.
This N is marketed and sold by 3XR as GRO-FLO 6% N fertilizer. By its nature this relatively high strength natural organically sourced nitrogen fertilizer is local in origin and is available to displace ammonia manufactured in chemical plants and transported long distances to market.
AmRHEX operation is Carbon negative. Each tonne of GRO-FLO N mitigates the formation of 11 tonnes of CO2.
AmRHEX is a containerized completely assembled package ready for plug-and-play operation. It is readily integrated with other unit processes, and occupies a small footprint.
AmRHEX is very cost-effective.