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3Wi Technologies

PWM for HHO / hydrogen generator

DC gated pulse generator (PWM)

HHO technology also know as water fuel technology is all about breaking the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen using the electrical energy. Advanced electrolysis technique used by researchers like Stan Meyer used pulsed DC current of 12VDC. It is proven by many researchers that square wave pulsed current helps to reduce heat generation during the electrolysis making the HHO gas production more efficient.

DC gated pulse generator is not an ordinary pulse width modulator (PWM). Unlike PWM it gives you a complete control to vary the frequency, duty cycle, amp and nature of wave form of the current being fed to the cell. It is the heart of a HHO gas generator cell.

This device is a must for your HHO research work. It gives a square wave pulse output with the flexibility to vary the frequency, duty cycle and gating. This is a modified replication of Stan Meyer's pulsing circuit.

DC gated pulse generator for generating square wave pulse. This device is also a modified replication of Stan Meyer's pulsing circuit. It takes 12VDC supply from a car's battery and outputs 12VDC, 10A max, square wave pulsed current. Frequency and duty cycle of the output current is variable making it convenient to adjust for the best performance. Frequency can be varied from 0 to 500 KHz and duty cycle from 0 to 100%.

Input : 12VDC
Output : 12VDC, 10 amp max.
Freq : Variable from 0 to 500 KHz. (oscillator) max.
Duty Cycle : 0–100%
Gating : Selectable

Fuse Protected against over current >10 A.
Protected against back EMF when connected with an inductive load.
Has in-built Fan and Heat-sink to protect circuit.

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