HydroxyGarage.com is dedicated to research and development of clean energy solutions. We are focused on developing solutions for generating Hydrogen and Oxygen (also called Brown Gas, Oxy-Hydrogen, Hydroxy and HHO) from water using advanced electrolysis technology.

Technology currently exists to reduce gasoline consumption by 50 - 200% using advanced electrolysis technology that utilizes a vehicle's electrical system to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The gas when fed combined with any combustible fossil-fuel or bio-fuel, the net effect is as follows:

1) Complete and thorough combustion of the fossil fuel.
2) Substantially reduced unburned hydrocarbon emissions into the environment.
3) Smoother engine performance due to more effective and consistent ignition.
4) Less wear and tear on moving engine parts due to improved firing pattern.
5) Increased power due to efficient combustion.
6) Fuel savings ranging from 50 to 200%* or better depending on the vehicle.
7) Easy to retrofit/ convert existing vehicles to HHO hybrid status.

We have been involved with this technology for few years now and have done major work in research, development and prototyping of several models of the product. Our strategy is to continue researching better techniques and employ the acquired knowledge into preparing prototypes which can be mass manufactured. This way we keep updating our technology and develop efficient technique for mass manufacturing while bridging the gap between a prototype and a finished product. Being a self funded company, 100% proceeds from the sale of our products is employed for further research.

We now have several products specially designed for HHO and are ready to ship to end customers. Our range of products include HHO cell, related electronics and accessories. We are now ready to talk with an investor looking to explore this opportunity to set up a manufacturing unit. We are open to proposals from investors/ companies who can help us acquire necessary resources and exploit this business opportunity.