Changing the Way People Move

365 Energy Group provides intelligent charging stations for electrical vehicles along with innovative services. Hybrid and other plug-in vehicle owners are given easy access to a broad network of charging stations. These ChargePoints, installed in public and private parking lots, offer battery charging services for electrical vehicle owners.

This charging station network developed by Coulomb Technologies, an American partner company, is the first networked charging station solution that provides a sustainable business model for "filling up" electric vehicles. The ChargePoint Network provides several web services to meet the demand of all key players, from individual car owners to entire communities and from electricity providers to car manufacturers and fleet owners.

In contrast to other providers, 365 Energy manages to create not just a network of charging stations, but instead offers a complete infrastructure for the future of plug-in vehicles. This infrastructure paves the way for the spread of electric vehicle usage, and with that a reduced commercial dependence on oil.